"Enchantment is the oldest form of medicine." - Carl Jung ♡ All prices are in Canadian Dollars ♡

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I am LOVING my new oils!! You can tell a lot of heart goes into Lutska's magical potions. Dark woods smells exactly like the lush virgin forests of BC. Takes me back. Thank you so much Lutska, you've made my day!

C. Austin

Gorgeous scents! Lutska's scents are really amazing and complex and I really love them! Buying the full set of samples is the perfect way to try them all and discover scents you might not have tried otherwise that end up becoming surprise favorites :) Beautiful packaging, too! I love these!

E. Audet

Beautiful and enchanting fragrance. Feels so fresh while leaving a wonderful scent that is three steps above any others I've found. Lutska's fragrances capture something interesting that I never get tired of. They are just absolutely my favorite now.

D. Bland

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