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The Apothecary

Lutska Botanica is based out of a woodlands apothecary on Vancouver Island, Canada. Every potion is handcrafted with care & intention in a calm atmosphere with nature directly outside our doorstep. As the beauty industry continually races toward the next big trend, we choose to return to the pace of nature.

at our core

The Power of Whole Plant Magic

We believe that the old ways aren't going away. The core of our process is rooted in old world methods of traditional herbalism that have been passed down over the generations.

We begin with locally sourced, organic, nutrient rich botanicals which we extract using multiple infusion methods over the course of a minimum of 4 weeks. We work with the moon cycles as our ancestors did and which is traditional in herbalism.


The Alchemist

Lutska is a self taught botanical perfumer and formulator known for her enchanting natural fragrances and self care potions. By blending the ancient arts of herbalism, perfumery & aromatherapy, all of her creations are infused with aromatic & healing benefits that come from plants.

Born in the magical city of Prague, CZ (home of many magicians & alchemists from the old world), Lutska's mysterious & moody aesthetic are inspired by her Slavic heritage. She now resides in a cozy cottage by the sea on Vancouver Island and is grateful to be surrounded by the natural wild beauty of the West Coast.

"Art is choosing to do something skillfully,
caring about the details,
bringing all of yourself
to make the finest work you can.
It is beyond ego, vanity, self-glorification,
and need for approval."

- Rick Rubin