"Art is choosing to do something skillfully,
caring about the details,
bringing all of yourself
to make the finest work you can.
It is beyond ego, vanity, self-glorification,
and need for approval."

- Rick Rubin


The Alchemist

Lutska is a self taught botanical perfumer and formulator known for her enchanting natural fragrances and self care potions. By blending the ancient arts of herbalism, perfumery & aromatherapy, all of her creations are infused with aromatic & healing benefits that come from plants.

Born in the magical city of Prague, CZ (home of many magicians & alchemists from the old world), Lutska's mysterious & moody aesthetic are inspired by her Slavic heritage. She now resides in a cozy cottage by the sea on Vancouver Island and is grateful to be surrounded by the natural wild beauty of the West Coast.