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The Scent Menu

Lavender. Spearmint. Peppermint. Eucalyptus. Geranium. Tea Tree.

Calms tension headaches
SOS remedy for occasional acne spots
Helps clear congestion & cold and allergies symptoms

Lavender. Bergamot. Ylang Ylang. Magnolia White Champaca.
Geranium. Juniper Berry. Petitgrain. Benzoin Resin.

Aphrodisiac & confidence booster 
Creates deep relaxation. Great for sleep
Provides relief from stress, depression & anxiety
Frankincense. Sweet Orange. Dark Patchouli. Bay Laurel. Myrrh.

Associated with magic, manifestation & intuition
 Reduces stress & creates a meditative ambience
Grounding and helpful for mellowing out the emotions

Cedarwood. Silver Fir. Wild Black Spruce Hemlock. Juniper Berry.
Fir Balsam. Sage. Sandalwood. Copaiba Balsam. Clove.
Birch Tar. Labdanum.

 Supports the immune system
 Provides relief for stress & anxiety
Promotes feelings of calm, security, and well-being

Patchouli, Cedarwood, Rosewood, Benzoin, Myrrh, Bay Laurel.

Wizards Pipe is not a smokey pipe scent but rather has the sweet richness
that comes from the cedarwood and amber notes which
is reminiscent of unlit pipe tobacco.

Cinnamon Bark & Cinnamon Leaf. Clove. Eucalyptus.
Rosemary ct Cineole & ct Camphor. Lemon. Lemongrass.
Siberian Fir Needle. Pine Scotch.

Supports the immune system
Alleviates cold & flu symptoms
Soothes muscle aches & pains 
Relieves congestion & respiratory issues

Himalayan Amber. Vanilla Amber. Dark Ombre Amber.

Warm, sweet & sensual
Known as 'Nectar of the Gods'
Notes of Vanilla, Honey & Incense

Lavender. Geranium. Clary Sage. Vetiver. Benzoin Resin.

  Calming, anti anxiety
 Enhance libido, balances emotions
Soothes stress & promotes good sleep
  Benefits women’s health, especially relating to menstruation & menopause.

Eucalyptus. Sweet Orange. Rosemary. Egyptian Geranium.

Steam therapy combined with aromatherapy has many benefits including:
Glowing skin
Reduce stress
Respiratory relief
Improved circulation
Fir Needle. Scotch Pine. Clementine. Tangerine.
Juniper Berry. Petitgrain. Bergamot. Rosemary.

The word Sylvan comes from Latin meaning "Spirit of the Forest" and is used to describe all things that have an association with the forest, woods and trees.

Made from 7 different high quality distillations of lavender
(the Lavandula angustifolia variety) from all over the world.

Calming & relaxing
Reduces anxiety & excessive stress
Lifts depression & eases headaches

Lavandula angustifolia Organic Essential Oil (Bulgaria)
Lavandula angustifolia Essential Oil (South Africa)
Lavandula angustifolia Essential Oil (Greece)
Lavandula angustifolia Essential Oil (France)
Lavandula angustifolia Essential Oil (USA)
Lavandula angustifolia Absolute (France)
Lavandula angustifolia Concrete (France)