Whew! The last few months have been a whirlwind for me and I’m pooped. We moved to the island, I started a new job and the past few weeks I've spent my free time visiting with friends and family from out of town. My house turned into a disaster, my meal prep and exercise flew out the window and I haven’t sat down to do anything creative or any self reflection in a while. Some weeks are just go go go…and this is all just part of building a new life somewhere. Getting into the grove.

I have so many ideas about products that I want to start making…. everyday herbal items like toothpaste, deodorant, bath salts, body oils, fragrances, hair care, skin care… I just keep writing my recipe ideas down and waiting for the day I can buy my raw materials and start creating.

Literally the only thing stopping me at this point is money as I have managed to spend all my money during the course of this past year. Between traveling to Prague and moving to Vancouver Island…well, you can imagine, its all expensive! I’m thinking about going back to school starting in January…which costs money also!

The overarching theme for me is that I’m not afraid to give this a shot, but rather I’m inactive due to finances. But, I’m happy that we made it to our new destination, we have shelter and a job. Time to regroup and piece together a game plan for the coming months!

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