Little pleasures and sensual treasures are meant to be experienced. On any random day I might pop open a bottle of champagne, spritz my favorite perfume in my hair, pick a little bouquet of flowers for my home, sleep in silky sheets, drink water from my classy crystal whiskey glass or treat my skin or hair to a hydrating oil treatment.

So many of us save these treats for a ‘special occasion’ but I like to think that life is our special occasion and that we don’t need to designate certain days to enjoy it. The idea isn’t to be a glutton, but rather to consciously enjoy the little luxuries.

I revel in these nectarous treats, as they allow for moments of pleasure for my natural sense…sight, touch, taste, smell and sound. What a thrill to take time out of ones day to experience little moments of pure sensual bliss. I know it has a bad reputation, but I think it can be a beautiful thing to live by a modest sybaritic code of conduct.

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