Quick Biz Update

Quick Biz Update

I haven't updated in a while but things have been trucking along with my lil biz! Ive even made a few repeat sales from customers that I don't personally know which totally blows my mind!

Right now I’m applying for a Female Entrepreneur small business grant from Startup Canada, because hey, it takes money to run a business.

I just started the application today which essentially is a business plan. UGH. I knew the day would come when I have to sit down and hash another one of those out.

Writing this business plan is really forcing me to unveil what makes me different from all the other brands out there and it is really difficult. Its a whole new world. Being clear and concise, logical and deliberate. Not skills that come natural to me at all. I’m flailing but grateful for the opportunity.

Pitch your company in 250 words or less: What is your product/service? What problem are you solving?

I use scents to transports you from the everyday mundane. By triggering emotions and memories, a scent can boost your mood or make you feel beautiful almost instantaneously.

Botanical essences have therapeutic properties such as immune boosting and stress reduction, however I don’t focus on this therapeutic (aromatherapy) aspect. Rater, I invite customers to create a unique+personal connection with scents rather then rely on traditional aromatherapy principles.

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