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Perfume Quotes

  • "To me, fragrance is the most esoteric of all beauty products. A constellation of little bottles, vials full of colored juices nestled  next to my bathroom sink and on my dresser and nightstand — they all  give me the opportunity to shapeshift into whoever I want to be that day  or night."  - Tynan Sinks

  • "Nothing brings to life again a forgotten memory like fragrance." -C. Poindexter

  • “To be immersed in a scent world, even temporarily, is to shift your consciousness and to awaken to the moment more fully.” - Mandy Aftel

  • "One breath of her perfume and your city is lost. Another, and you forfeit a kingdom. -Ancient Japanese Poet"

  • Their oddly compelling blend of erotic attraction and death truly does make white flower the femme fatales of perfumery."-Octavian

  • "Because odor memories accumulate automatically, outside of awareness, they cover their own tracks. We don't remember remembering them. The sense of wonder that comes with the experience is, like all magic, an illusion based on misdirection." - Dr. Gilbert

  • "The perception of perfume is not a purley emotional experience. Fragrance is a cultural, artistic construct, with its own risks and history. As a product caught up in history, it adds new scents to the catalogue of memories; as an artistic product, it plays on cultural memories and connotations as well as on the personal experiences of the perfumer or the wearer." - D. Beaulieu

  • “The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”― W.B. Yeats

  • “A natural fragrance can become deeper and richer. For a small perfumer, that’s a selling point, but larger fragrance houses want consistency.” - Courtney Rafuse, perfumer and creator of Toronto's niche perfumes

  • “The way I describe synthetic fragrance to my students is that it is like oil paint. It’s opaque, intense, robust and designed to last. Natural fragrance is like painting with watercolours.

    They’re transparent and sheer, and they’re not going to last as long. But the end creation is alive. It provides a holistic quality.” - Los Angeles-based natural perfumer Douglas Little

  • “I felt people would rebel against wanting to smell like J.Lo—that there would be a resurgence of individuality.
    We’ve seen this evolution in the food and alcohol markets with small-batch and artisanal blending and consumers wanting more natural products that offer transparency with ingredients.
    I saw it as being the future of perfumery.” - Los Angeles-based natural perfumer Douglas Little

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