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The realm of plant magic ⭐ I'm on Summer Sabbatical, back in Autumn 2024!




Perfume has been intriguing me for years. I just finished the book ‘Diary of a Nose’ by renowned French perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena and had the pleasure of finally smelling some of his creations in London a few weeks ago. I was impressed by the authors observations about the mundane things in life and how he transformed them into art.

As an artsy person myself, I find it fitting that I am being drawn to perfumes because the more I delve into the topic, the more I realize that perfume is an art form just as music or painting is.

Scent is first linked with an emotion before being recognized by the brain, meaning, it is the only one of our scenes that passes through the amygdala and hippocampus (the areas in our brain associated with memory and emotion) before being recognized by the brain.

So smell is actually the sense that will trigger an emotion or memory the most successfully. It is fascinating to me and I can‘t wait to learn more about the subject!

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