One the right path baby!

One the right path baby!

A friend of mine tagged me in a Facebook post with this note and I just had to share it here because it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy :) I guess it makes me feel like I'm on the right path, you know?

"For anyone who loves high-quality, natural, expertly crafted fragrances, there is NO company I would recommend more highly than Lutska Botanica.

I have known this lady since we were budding plant nerds in high school...she is modest when you ask her about her accomplishments, but truth be told, she is actually a friggen genius and always has been lol.

She was one of my closest friends at a time when I could have felt very alone...and she's one of those herbalists who was just so obviously made for it.

I consider myself lucky to have met her, who knows if I'd have realized my calling if she hadn't supported me when I first got the inclination. "

- Danielle Cameron


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