Fashion is something that has always fascinated and repelled me at the same time. A part of me feels like clothing shouldn’t matter and that we should be focusing on other more ‘important things’. But for some reason having my own personal sense of style does make me feel more composed and I carry myself differently when I feel well put together.

When I was in Europe I was inspired by my cousin and her grandmother, who always seem to be dressed in a classy manner. I usually felt like a slob around them and secretly vowed to refine my own style when I got back to Canada.

And so I am forgoing sweat pants, shirts that look like a 15 year old would wear, ugly shoes, sports wear and other such clothes that just don’t make me feel like myself. Time for a touch of class and self expression in my life.

This picture is of a mannequin that my cousin and I stumbled upon in Praha (that’s her peaking through in the background). We thought it was funny because my cousin was wearing leopard print pants. What an amazingly extreme outfit…only in Europe lol.

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