Hops Potions & Website Launch

Hops Potions & Website Launch

I’m excited to start making more botanical stuff! I should be getting a shipment in a few days of packaging, herbs, more oils and other goodies.

This week I called a local BC hops farm and talked to the grower and he is going to send me a pound of fresh Cascade hops that he grew as well as some ‘hops hash’ which apparently has the most lupulin in it (that’s the substance that is great for hair growth for strong and healthy hair).

So far this is the most exciting part for me of all this, starting a relationship with a local farmer, it really is the best feeling to support his craft and then create my own unique product out of it!

UPDATE May 9 2016

I got my hops order in from a local hops farmer and it smells SOOOOOO GOOOOOD! I’m really impressed!

I made up the first batch of hops oil as well as a herbal blend of nettle/calendula/burdock/green tea/rosehip oil and made my first hair repair and skin serum formulas this morning.

We took the skin one to the beach and patch tested it to see if it was effective as a sun protection and it worked! There is Carrot Seed oil in the skin serum which is supposedly SPF 40. Not that I would advertise sun protection, but it was cool to test out.

I’m almost done the website too, so close. There is so much to think about in terms of making the products sound appealing in e-commerce where people wont be able to smell and touch them so they have to rely on your words (and reviews) instead.

I’ll be happy when the website is done so I can focus on other things, its been taking so much time and mental energy! But thats part of the process.

UPDATE May 13 2016

I launched my online website and sold way more then I had expected so I’m just thrilled! I was so busy the day after the launch, I worked all day and didnt even barely have time to eat ha! I hope all my creations find their way to their new homes safely. I will send out a survey to customers within about 10 days to find out how y’all like the products and what I can improve on.

My next challenge is to work on setting up the Etsy shop and learning how to do SEO for that. And I’ll probably need to order more supplies because Im running low on some of the oils already!

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