Lutska in the Kootenays!

Lutska in the Kootenays!

Hi friends,

I'm so excited to share a store in the Kootenays that is carrying my whole line of potions!

Feather Your Nest is a boutique in Rossland that has all sorts of treasures to help you create a cozy home. You can find them at 2104 Columbia Ave, Rossland, BC.

Here's what Carol, the owner of the shop had to say when she opened up the box of botanical goodies I sent to her:

"I've been spritzing and sniffing all afternoon, and the shop smells AMAZING!

 I knew when I first saw your products, your labels, and what wonderful scent combinations you put in your blends that I would love it..... and I certainly do!

Thanks you Lutska, I have had many essential oils and like-products over the years, and I think that yours just might be my best find of all."

- Carol from Feather Your Nest

If you are in the neighborhood, go stop in and have a peak around this shop, I'm sure there is a treasure there just waiting to come home with you :)

I also wanted to share this snippet of an email I received the other day. Its messages like this that totally make my day and motivate me to keep creating! So, thank you :)

"I thought of you about a month or so ago when my sister and I stopped in at a shop in one of the shopping centres where they sell essential oils. Though it smelled beautiful in there, I kept thinking that the blends that you make smell so much better - and you can really feel the amount of love and time that goes into every single scent you make.

The hand crafted aspect and the amount of love, care and intention that you put into everything you do truly adds to the experience of your scents and is invaluable. I don't think any mass marketed product could ever even come close!"

- Emily from The Pretty and the Kitch

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