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I Handmade A Giant Subscription Box Order!

I just finished making 6500 bottles of one of my essential oil roll on products. It was a little bonkers to go from making 50 bottle batches to thousands overnight.

I took this project on with zero previous experience with anything like this - contracts, making giant batches or dealing with the import/export legalities of crossing the border, but I had a 100% conviction that I could figure it out one step at a time.


Whatever you’re trying to accomplish - I’m convinced you can freaking do it if you’re willing to put in a shit ton of work!!! Just don’t become a workaholic in the process - it’s a fine line ;)


Anyways, these oils will be part of an amazing subscription box in May! And I’m going to go sleep for a week now, enjoy the photo gallery :)  



This was my first batch of  about 1200 bottles.


The capping and labeling part of the assembly line.


Stupid amout of bubble wrap blocking the bathroom. We also had 3 giant packing peanut bags (biodegradable ones of course!) that were as tall as me taking up a bunch of space. Felt sooooo cramped for a month which drove me insane cause I love to be super minimal and tidy, but that was just not an option for a while there! 


Aaaand, DONE! 


Spent almost 2 hours at UPS getting customs and commercial export paperwork sorted. I started joking that I was getting attached to my boxes and didn't want to let them go...but seriosuly, so happy to see them head off to the hands of thousands of wonderful people! How crazy :) 

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