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First Sale - Crack out the champagne!

Well, I made my first sale of essential oils to a friend the other day. I made a whole $15… and it felt awesome haha!

The 'dream' for me is to be able to support myself with my botanical creations somewhere down the line. It is SUCH a big audacious goal for me because so far I have only made $15... haha..but ya gotta start somewhere.

I’m working on it though. I went around to some niche businesses around town the other day and introduced myself and today I went to a self employment round table to meet local entrepreneurs and learn about resources for small business start ups in Victoria.

I’ve gotten in contact with a business in town who can help me create and print my packaging and I signed up with a really poplar local farmers markets to be a drop-in vendor this summer. Whether I’ll be ready or not I dont know, but better to apply now then to wait and there be no room left in case I am in fact ready. Baby steps! I do a little bit every week and I’m slowly starting to make my vision tangible.