Featured Artist: Liba Labik

Featured Artist: Liba Labik

I'm extremely honored to feature the artwork of Czech/Canadian artist Liba Labik on the front page of my website this month! 

Liba is a full time artist and art teacher based out of Calgary, Alberta.

She introduced me to a unique painting technique called encaustic painting which creates beautifully rich and textured pieces.

Encaustic painting is an ancient art form which involves heating wax, resins, oil and/or pigment and then shaping it with a special tool before it cools.

"The word encaustic originates from the Greek word enkaustikos which means to burn in." - wikipedia

Liba has quite a few pieces in her Gallery which feature this method as well as other mixed media paintings using materials such as alcohol based inks, acrylic, oil, beeswax and charcoal. The painting above is called Cathedral of Changes II, painted in oil; size 36” x 72” x 1.5”

Visit her website to see more of her enchanting artwork (and let me know in the comments if you find a piece that speaks to you :)

Liba's Website: https://www.libaartstudio.com/



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