Benefits of Miron Ultraviolet Glass Bottles

Benefits of Miron Ultraviolet Glass Bottles

I'm upgrading my packaging to Miron Ultraviolet Glass packaging, here's why! 

miron violet glass roller bottles for natural perfume

1. Miron glass is the top of the line glass in terms of preservative qualities.

It is superior to regular amber or other tinted glass packaging because it blocks out more harmful UV light that damages delicate botanical based products. This means the product inside the bottle stays potent and shelf stable for longer. 

This is why you may have noticed that many high end natural skincare companies package their products in Miron glass.

2. Miron glass looks & actually FEELS like a luxury glass, it has is heavier weight than regular glass packaging.

The various caps that come with the bottle are also excellent quality and the rollers have a really satisfying click to them when you open and close them (you just have to try it for yourself haha, its hard to explain.) 

3. Miron is made from a unique patented ultraviolet glass that was created by ancient Egyptians to store precious botanicals. 

Although there are other companies that try to replicate this glass, Miron is the only producer of true ultraviolet glass. You can find an "m" stamped on the bottom of authentic Miron glass bottles. 

Although this ultraviolet glass is now patented, it has actually been around for a very long time. Egyptians are known to have stored herb, fragrances and medicine in violet glass. They did not share the method of making this glass and so it was forgotten for millennia. It was only recently revived by a Swiss scientist who patented his ultraviolet glass discovery in 2001. 

4. Miron glass is designed & manufactured in Europe. 

In the Czech Republic to be specific. The Czech Republic has for centuries been known as an international leader for high quality craftsmanship of fine crystal glass. Luxurious chandeliers for world renowned spaces such as the Dubai opera house, Singapore Airport, Abu Dhabi Hotel, private yachts in Istanbul, Mosque in Saudi Arabia or the Hotel Ritz for example. The Czech Republic glass artisans also make the crystal glass trophy you get  if you win the Tour De France.

It is also where I was born and I have a lot of family still in the Czech Republic. When I go visit I will try to arrange a factory tour to share with you, that could be fun to see where the glass actually comes from! 

5. In a world of supply shortages, I have found Miron to be very reliable. 

Not only does Miron carry a wide selection of glass products, they have been consistently available when other companies that I have worked with in the past are so sold out for indefinite times which makes production difficult. 

6. The staff at Miron are extremely friendly and helpful and I can hop on the phone with them if I need something, which I could not do with some random glass factory overseas for example.

In Summery

Although Miron glass is much more expensive than regular glass, it is beautiful, effective and in my opinion (and that of hundred of other brands on the market specializing in botanical products) well worth the investment! If you care to learn more about this amazing glass visit

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