Benefits of Hops in Skincare and Body Products

Benefits of Hops in Skincare and Body Products

Hops are a beloved plant for the Czech people.⠀

Hop's primary popularity stems from its use in beer but did you know that hops is also a wonderful tonic for the skin and hair? 
Which is why I add it to all of my bath and body care potions!⠀

    A few of the main reasons that I use hops in my body and hair products:

    1. Antioxidant Properties - wonderful anti-aging ingredient! Helps to reduces the elastase enzyme responsible for breaking down collagen.

    2. Anti Bacterial - helps to fight acne

    3. Anti Inflammatory - helps to reduce scaring and heal old marks

    4. Healthy Hair - strengthens hair follicles and helps to reduced hair loss. Also gives hair a healthy shine
    • Possible allergen to some people. Although all of these benefits are wonderful, some people may be allergic to hops so a skin patch test is recommended before trying any products containing hops!
    • Hops is a natural sedative so be aware of that if you are taking it internally. Its is also not recommend for people with depression.
    • Check with a health care professional if you are pregnant or nursing.
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