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black owl beeswax candle
black owl beeswax candle
black owl beeswax candle

SPIRIT OWL 🔥 Pure Beeswax Candle

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Handmade in small batches by a Canadian lady with 100% pure beeswax that she sources from a local apiary which she used to work at. 🐝 


 🦉 Owls may show themselves to you to remind you of your intuition, wisdom & ability to see things that may be hidden to others. 

Spirit owls are a totem for those who seek wisdom within silence & have a deep connection to the mystical world. 


🐝 Beeswax purifies the air by emitting negative ions. Negative ions are also found a moving water sources; the ocean, waterfalls, rain, snow fall all produce soothing negative ions. Research has been done to show that these negative ions help to increase serotonin levels & reduce depression and stress. 

🔥  Beeswax candles produce a naturally beautiful and soothing honey aroma.

🐝  Beeswax candles are safe for people with allergies.

🔥  Beeswax burns longer then other waxes! 


SIZE 🔥 3 x 2 inches

BURN TIME 🔥 Approximate 25 hours

INGREDIENTS 🔥 100% Pure Canadian Beeswax, Cotton Braided Wick,  Black Vegetable Dye


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