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TALLOW BALM - Warming Woodsy Chai

TALLOW BALM - Warming Woodsy Chai

Cardamom, Nutmeg, Fir Needle - Essential Oil Free

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Tallow Balm Infused With Freshly Ground Botanicals. 🦋 

💛 No Essential Oils Added (for sensitive skin types)
💛 Low PUFA Formula (keeping rancid oils at bay!)
💛 Herbal Infused (for added plant benefits)
💛 Grass Fed, Vancouver Island Raised Tallow.
💛 Handcrafted in our woodlands apothecary on Vancouver Island, Canada.


Tallow is an ancestral fat that has been used for generations for both food and cosmetic purposes. Archeologist have discovered a tallow face cream that is 2000 years old!

A shop owner recently asked me if tallow is the 'newest' fad in skincare and my reply is "it's kind of like the OLDEST fad actually". 😉



~ Island Raised, Grass Fed Tallow
~ Avocado Oil
~ Nutmeg
~ Cardamom Pods
~ Star Anise
~ Juniper Berries
~ Rosemary Leaf
~ Fir Needles


Wonderful as a rich massage butter, foot moisturizer or face balm (use a pea sized amount).

This batch is best if used before January 2024 if kept in the refrigerator or June 2023 if kept on the shelf.


100 ml ~ Comes packaged in a clear glass bottle that can be recycled after use.

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