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TALLOW BALM - Warming Woodsy Chai

TALLOW BALM - Warming Woodsy Chai

Cardamom, Nutmeg, Fir Needle - Essential Oil Free

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Tallow Balm Infused With Freshly Ground Botanicals. 🦋 

💛 No Essential Oils Added (for sensitive skin types)
💛 Low PUFA Formula (keeping rancid oils at bay!)
💛 Herbal Infused (for added plant benefits)
💛 Grass Fed, Vancouver Island Raised Tallow.
💛 Handcrafted in our woodlands apothecary on Vancouver Island, Canada.


Tallow is an ancestral fat that has been used for generations for both food and cosmetic purposes. Archeologist have discovered a tallow face cream that is 2000 years old!

A shop owner recently asked me if tallow is the 'newest' fad in skincare and my reply is "it's kind of like the OLDEST fad actually". 😉



~ Island Raised, Grass Fed Tallow
~ Avocado Oil
~ Nutmeg
~ Cardamom Pods
~ Star Anise
~ Juniper Berries
~ Rosemary Leaf
~ Fir Needles


Wonderful as a rich massage butter, foot moisturizer or face balm (use a pea sized amount).

This batch is best if used before January 2024 if kept in the refrigerator or June 2023 if kept on the shelf.


100 ml ~ Comes packaged in a clear glass bottle that can be recycled after use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Caleigh D.

Lutska is a serious wizard when it comes to her products - I wasn’t sure what to expect as I’m quite picky with my skin care products… but I was blown away (and I don’t add that lightly). Everything is made with science, love the old methods … like who uses tallow these days?! My skin and hair are glowing - if you are hesitating, just take a leap and try it! You won’t regret using any of her products

Nicole G.

Very silky smooth. Face and body feels very hydrated after applied. Very grateful for this purchase! And connection. Love the smell! I will purchase again. 💫

Maryse L.

Luscious texture and lovely scent. Very happy I got two jars!

Hilary K.

Lovely stuff. Easily absorbed by the skin and leaves you in a warm aura of subtle, intriguing scent.

Kathleen B.

Obsessed with this creamy, dreamy body butter! I even tried a little bit on my face (typically I have oily skin) and I felt like it counteracted the shine for half of the day and made my skin so soft, which is huge for me! Such a luxury product from such an incredible apothecary! Lutska and her potions are my favorite and she makes some of the best in the world!