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Extra Stuff :)

Hey there! Lets get personal-personal! (just started singing that to Olivia Newton John there for some reason...anyways... ;)

Find my musical adventures on instagram over this way --->

I have a shared instagram page for all things flower & garden related (I living in The Garden City after all ;) -->

And my personal photo blog over this way --> https://lutskastudio.wordpress.com

If you think you have too many interested or hobbies or businesses, I see you haha!

Besides being a potion maker I'm also an artsy kinda person and my path in life has been very sparkled with variety.

I went from teaching yoga to becoming a studio owner to being a heavy metal radio show host...(obvious transition right?) and now I'm rocking this botanical alchemist business while also dabbling hard in my music journey.

Music has always been a big part of my life. I sing and play piano... and can kind of make sounds on cello and guitar ;)

I also sell photography prints and have a personal photo blog but I'm really finding my stride with this botanical business (yay!) so be sure to join the Lutska Botanica family over on Instagram. @lutska.botanica


I try to share a glimpse into my day to day life and behind the scenes of the product creation process. I love hearing from my tribe, so feel free to say hello and introduce yourself over there :)