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MIDNIGHT 🌙 Perfume Oil Roller - Frankincense, Orange, Patchouli, Bay Laurel, Myrrh

MIDNIGHT 🌙 Perfume Oil Roller - Frankincense, Orange, Patchouli, Bay Laurel, Myrrh

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♡ Smells like incense, minus the smoke ;) 
♡ Reduces stress & creates a meditative ambience.
♡ Grounding and helpful for mellowing out the emotions.
♡ Has a sweet amber resin fragrance.

Perfect for lovers of incense. 🌙


Midnight is made of a blend of essential oils associated with magic, manifestation & intuition.

Many of the oils were traditionally used in churches and for divination and meditation in ancient times.

“My soul is a vine
of moonflowers.
I am night.”
- Pavanda


*Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides ( Coconut Oil ) Verified by ECOCERT
* Boswellia serrata ( Frankincense ) essential oil
* Citrus sinensis ( Sweet Orange ) essential oil
* Pogostemon Cablin ( Dark Patchouli ) essential oil
* Laurus nobilis ( Bay Laurel ) essential oil
* Commiphora myrrha ( Myrrh ) resin


♡ Roll onto palms and then run it through hair, Midnight makes a beautiful hair perfume.

♡ Roll onto your palms, cup your hands together and inhale deeply.

♡ Roll onto the back of the neck, behind the ears or in the middle of the chest.
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♡ 0.33 fl.oz (10 ml)

♡ Midnight aromatherapy perfume oil comes in a portable glass bottle with a glass roller ball that can be recycled when you use it up.

♡ The bottle is made of high quality, heavy violet glass that is manufactured in the Czech Republic, Europe. This glass looks & feels luxurious and is the top of the line for providing protection to essential oils and botanical products. 


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