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DARKWOODS 🌲 Aromatherapy Perfume Oil Roller

DARKWOODS 🌲 Aromatherapy Perfume Oil Roller

Cedar, Fir, Hemlock, Birch, Spruce, Juniper, Sage, Sandalwood, Clove

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🌲🌲 Forest Bathing In A Bottle 🌲🌲

Transport yourself to a tranquil forest with Darkwoods Perfume Oil - an olfactory experience that captures the enchanting aromas of the woods.

Bring the magic of the forest with you, wherever you go.


🌲 Forest Bathing In A Bottle

Darkwoods smells like a campfire in a wild old growth forest. Crisp, woodsy, dark earth, wild and smoky.


🌲This enchanted forest scent is inspired by the Darkwoods forest in British Columbia, Canada.

Darkwoods is a protected land reserve which is home to one of the rarest ecosystems in the world – an inland temperate rainforest – also known as a β€˜snow forest’.

'I am a forest, and a night of dark trees: but he who is not afraid of my darkness, will find banks full of roses under my cypresses.' ~ Friedrich Nietzsche


100% pure essential oils of:

🌲 Cedarwood
🌲 Cedar leaf
🌲 Fir needle
🌲 Hemlock
🌲 Birch
🌲 Spruce
🌲 Juniper berry
🌲 Sage
🌲 Sandalwood
🌲 Clove
🌲 Balsam
🌲 Labdanum
🌲 Blended in EcoCert coconut oil.


Roll onto your palms, cup your hands together and inhale deeply.

Run the rest through your hair or dab on the back of your neck.

Or simply apply however you enjoy using perfume.


🌲 0.33 fl.oz (10 ml)

🌲 Darkwoods aromatherapy perfume oil comes in a portable glass bottle with a metal roller ball that can be recycled when you use it up.

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