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POPLAR BUD OIL ~ for Massage, Body, Face or Bath

POPLAR BUD OIL ~ for Massage, Body, Face or Bath

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Poplar buds are a botanical treasure that only come out in the late winter/early spring. The buds have a beautiful fragrance which is sweet and reminiscent of honey and vanilla.

The buds were handpicked in the Rocky Mountain forest range in the early spring 2023. Their fragrance will transport you back to springtime no matter what time of the year it is :)

Top 2 reasons for LOVING these beautifully sweet & resinous poplar bud gifts from nature:

1. Pain relief: Poplar buds have analgesic properties that can alleviate arthritis, rheumatism, nerve pain & muscle soreness.

2. Skin healing: Soothe dry, itchy skin, psoriasis & eczema. Also can be applied to sunburns to calm & heal skin.

Please note, poplar buds should not be used by folks who are allergic to aspirin as they contain natural salicin.

Size: 4oz, 118ml bottled in clear glass so you can see the beautiful color of the poplar buds. 


Avocado oil, Hazelnut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Infusions of Poplar Buds (2023 harvest from the Rocky Mountains), Calendula Flower Infusion, Chamomile Flower Infusion, Rose Petal Infusion, Frankincense Resin Infusion.


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