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You Matter 💜

As the excitement of new 2020 dreams unfold, we don’t need to know ‘how’ or ‘where’...⠀

but whenever we start anything we should all ask ourselves...⠀

“What am I doing this for?”⠀

✨I’m declaring this for 2020: I make potions because they bring comfort to people.✨⠀

It’s really that simple. ⠀

Scents can enchant you and take you to beautiful places. And essential oils have many healing and therapeutic properties. ⠀

But underneath it all, it’s all about comfort and feeling goooood in the moment! ⠀

I used to struggle with feeling that my work doesn’t really matter. That these creations are trivial. ⠀

...but WOW, your stories of how these botanical brews have impacted your lives have humbled me this past year. ⠀

Thank you for taking the time to write to me to share your hearts!⠀

Anyways...enough of my sappyness! 🥰⠀

Happy new moon everyone 🌚 ⠀