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Slowing to appreciate

The internet is so full of distractions. I never really take time to appreciate one web page or one article, its always click and onto the next thing. It’s a fine tool and it’s hard to live without these days, but it is such a contrast to art. With an art piece, whether it is music, painting, photography or perfume, it takes time to fully appreciate it. Art is not meant to be scanned, it demands our full attention.

It gets me thinking about what I want to share on the internet. I have quite a few photographs from my trip to Europe that I think I want to share, but in a ‘slow food movement’ kind of way. A quality over quantity approach.

So instead of 50 selfies and your typical ‘here’s my holiday on facebook’ album thing, I just wanna share one of my favorite moments from my trip.....

....the view of Praha from the Royal gardens.

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