Little Luxuries | 001

Little Luxuries is a new segment to the blog where I share idea and inspirations for making the everyday a little more luxurious.

1. Perfume!

Ok, of course I would have this as my #1 but seriously...perfume makes the every day more luxurious!

I like to spriz on perfume and pour myself a glass of wine around 6pm while cooking dinner to signify a shift in the energy of the day, especially for those of us who work at home ;)

Perfume doesn't have to be 'drugstore counter' stuff! Try out one of these niche fragrance shops that offer unique artisan fragrance samples. These perfumes will smell unlike anything you can get at your local drug mart!

Fumerie Sampler 

Lucky Scents Sample Packs

Etiket Samples

2. Music

Two albums I've been loving this week:

Angelo Debarre - gypsy jazz

Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington - good times jazzy


3. Cozy the kitchen table

Keeping the kitchen table clear of being a clutter magnet has been a little luxury.

I like to keep a simple flower bouquet on the table as well as a candle, lighter and a pack of playing cards. This makes the table a more inviting and cozy space for dinner or card games, rather then a mess of random clutter. 


4. Hair Towel

This is not a sponsored link, I just really love my hair towel haha! If you have medium to long hair and you're still just using a regular towel for your'll be wondering where this product has been all your life!


Evolatree Super Absorbent Anti-Frizz Microfiber Hair Towel


Until next time, see you then!