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I'm FINALLY launching a few new scents today! Wizards Pipe and Sylvan Winter are here :)

Though to be totally honest, I had a whole collection idea back in November of 10 products that I wanted to release all at the same time....BUT, turns out that takes a lot longer then I anticipated.

Also in my hurry to get these two scents out I messed up my labels so the mist version of Sylvan Winter accidentally went to print as Sylvan Woods...haha, classic!
(they are in fact the same scent).

Lesson of this launch is give myself way more time to get new products out. I get a little excited sometimes and don't realize how long things actually take. I was joking with a friend that I'm going to have to start thinking like a fashion designer - always be a season or two ahead!

That being said - I'm starting to plan my Spring collection NOW in December ;) 

Thank you for those who decide to try one of the new scents. Wizards Pipe was my favorite to make. It has a magical quality to it...when you shake it up it looks like smoke swirls. I love that because the scent itself reminds me of fresh sweet smelling unburnt tobacco...hense the name.

I hope it helps you feel magical too,
xo Lutska

wizards pipe lutska