Lives of Creative People

Lives of Creative People

The last few weeks of my life can be summed into one word: uprooted. My husband and I are currently homeless and living in a vacation rental while we search for a new home in a new city. All our stuff and our cat are 1000 km away and we feel destabilized and uncertain about our decision. But we know that we have to move forward, we couldn’t stay in small town population 4000 anymore. It’s the scary change that is necessary to pursue the next chapters in our lives.

In our down time between viewing apartments we have been watching the documentary series called Chef’s Table and it has been very inspiring to us. It is not a cooking show per say, but rather a story about the lives of creative people who have overcome struggles in order to become world class at what they do.

I found it interesting that every chef (all from top ranked restaurants in the world) seemed to overcome the same struggles, one of them being finding their own unique style/voice. They all started cooking what they thought other people would like but what eventually got them to being the best in the world was experimenting with creating something different, risking and often being criticized.

It made me think about my own life…how can I make something original? Up until this point I feel like I have made decisions based on what I observe others doing, what I believe to be possible. Since this is a blog about biz start up life, the question for me is what products can I create that haven’t been made yet? What can I create to shift in my niche…even just a little bit?

I don’t know yet, but I think that when we finally find a home and settle I will process this question. But for now there is very little semblance of order in my life as everything feels a little chaotic when you are homeless. So, one thing at a time. Home first.

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