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Hey, It's been a while!

Since my last update I enrolled in the business program full time and got my student loan approved so I will be starting in January. I’m excited + nervous because this will be a whole new way of life for me and I have no idea what to expect.

I’ve also been more busy with my business, sales are coming in more often and I have so much to work on and to create, it’s a never ending process and I have a long ways to go before it feels like I have my foundation. But it’s good!

And I’ve been writing music which has been bittersweet. I’m so proud of the music I’m creating, but it feels sad to me at the same time that I don’t have the bandwidth right now to focus on it and bring it more to life…it’s just kind of in the background.

I have this secret life as an artist while I’m trying to do things that help me in the grown up world, a weird duality.

Can I do it all…? Go to school, take good care of myself (workout/eat well/keep the house tidy/spend time with my partner/get enough sleep), grow a small business AND work on music …? Uhhhh….? I’ll try not to panic about it too much!

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