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Almost half a year later....

Well, I learned business school is not for me. I don’t think that I will keep going after this semester is over. Sometimes you just have to try to find out if something is for you or not!

But, during my semester in school I was working on my brand+product concept, trying to make it a little different from the rest. It wont shake up and disrupt what is already out there already in some kind of Steve Jobs kinda way, but I want it to be unique to me….so, when its ready I’ll share it here with you of course.

In doing this I have come into so many doubts and fears and excitement and hope…all tangled together!

In other news, I’ve been reading a book called When Paris Sizzled, all about the 1920’s post war France and the explosion of carefree bohemian art and culture. It makes me think how lucky we are to live in a country without war….our worries are so small. Its a perspective shift from my life of millennial “problems”.  We have it, as Bubbles from The Trailer Park Boys would say,…deeeecent.